Though all the winds of doctrine were let loose to play upon the earth, so Truth be in the field, we do injuriously, by licensing and prohibiting, to misdoubt her strength. Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew the Truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter?

This is the homepage for Mark Holmquist, who is currently living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, is an employee at the Wikimedia Foundation, working on various things including UploadWizard, Parsoid, and some mentorship programs. What little free time he has goes to watching television, or streaming on Twitch.

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If there's anything you couldn't find, or if there's anything you feel like bugging Mark about, feel free to email him at mtraceur [ at ] member [dot] fsf [ dot ] org.

Version: 3.1
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